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The Problem The Solution

Does your recruitment organisation:

  • Turn away Job Specs from clients?
  • Not have enough Job Specs?
  • Have jobs that you are having difficulty filling?
  • Wish to develop new recruitment partnerships?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of recruitment organisations world-wide lose a large amount of potential revenue because they are unable to provide candidates for job roles they are trying to fill. This can be for a number of reasons, including:

  • Already too much work on.
  • Don't have the right candidate for the job.
  • Don't have experience in recruiting candidates with other skills.
  • The job is international and they have no established relationships in the required country.

Working on the premise of:

"A split fee is better than no fee"

SplitFeeJobs.com  allows recruiters world-wide to make money from client Job Spec's that they previously would have turned away, by advertising their jobs for free, on SplitFeeJobs.com.

We will then automatically send the details of the jobs you post to all recruiters who specialise in the industry and geographic area of the job, giving both parties the opportunity to make a successful placement and split a fee that would otherwise have been lost.

Stats Testimonials
Live, Signed up Recruiters by Country:

United Kingdom:  580 
USA:  32 
Poland:  9 
India:  8 
Australia:  5 
France:  5 
South Africa:  4 
Czech Republic:  3 
United Arab Emirates:  3 
Bulgaria:  2 
Hungary:  2 
Nepal:  2 
Netherlands:  2 
Nigeria:  2 
Philippines:  2 
Romania:  2 
Spain:  2 
Sri Lanka:  2 
Canada:  1 
Georgia:  1 
Germany:  1 
Irish Republic:  1 
Italy:  1 
Jordan:  1 
Lebanon:  1 
Lithuania:  1 
Malaysia:  1 
Morocco:  1 
New Zealand:  1 
Togo:  1 

"Although [SplitFeeJobs.com] is only a new website I feel that the potential and the idea is amazing ... Especially for us smaller agencies where splitting roles is sometimes essential to fulfill the recruitment agenda needed."

   - Ruth Gleghorn, Recruitment Director. Lambton Dale Recruitment Ltd

"We turn away approximately 30 jobs a month as they do not match our core competencies. If we filled all of these roles at our average fee it would equate to £2.9M of additional revenue. It would be great to get some income from these wasted opportunities."

   - Matt Trott, MD. The Spencer Group.

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